Monday, May 3, 2010

Amazing foods

I recently took a day-trip to San Antonio and had some fantastic food and some that just plain made us sick.

The first meal was at SeaWorld where I had a the fried fish sandwich and my friends had the fajitas. They loved the fajitas and the fish sandwich was alright. Nothing to write home about, but I hungry.

Dinner that night was at the Hard Rock Cafe. OMG the triple premium margarita there is to die for! I had 2 before the appetizer got there! We had Chips and Salsa as an appetizer and they sucked. The chips were stale and the salsa was nasty. My friends and I each ordered a different hamburger. One friend had the Red, White, and Blue Burger...She loved it but it was too big or her to finish. My other friend had the SOB burger, she also loved it, it was spicey and she was unable to finish it. I had the Granny Smith and Onion Burger....OMG it was AMAZING! I would rate it a 9! It was Great..... Hard Rock was worth the 3 hour drive alone!

The next morning we decided to eat breakfast at the hotel (long story) but since it was a hot breakfast we thought it would be perfect. We all ordered the Sausage El Burrito. They were horrible, The eggs in the burrito had the mouth texture of plastic, the burrito only had two pieces of sausage the size of marbles in it, and the tortilla was old. YUCK! The bottled orange juice was the best part of the meal. My two friends both were a little queasy on the ride home from those burritos.

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