Thursday, May 27, 2010


Okay I was just in the kitchen looking for something for lunch and decided to make an oyster mushroom risotto...well I am waiting for the mushroom to rehydrate in some beef stock...whole recipe to come later..

I decided to make myself a little drink/cocktail

I was going to just have a glass of grape juice when I noticed something else in my fridge.

I saw a bottle of Grape Raspberry Zero Vitamin Water....and some Fresh Cherries...and a bottle of Vanilla Rum

I filled a short glass with crushed ice...filled it nearly to the top with the vitamin water, added two crushed cherries...and MAYBE a teaspoon of the rum...VOILA! Done.

It is refreshing (it is already 85 degrees here) and maybe actually good for you.

I called it a Psuedo-Cocktail because there is only about a teaspoon of Rum in it. This would also be great with a little mint muddled into it! Yum....

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