Saturday, July 6, 2013

Food Critique

Has customer service really gone the way of the dinosaurs?  From eating out the last few days, I would say it is extinct.

First, I am currently on vacation from my 4A-6P job and took the time to travel to a nearby city to "get away" and be pampered.

I ate at a place called the "8oz Burger Bar" inside the Horseshoe hotel and casino.  I saw on the menu that The Oprah Winfrey show recommended a sandwich called the "Short Rib Grilled Cheese" .  It came with Short Rib meat, red onion marmalade, and Swiss cheese on grilled crispy bread.  The Bread was great, the meat was tender, the cheese was perfectly melted, but I think they forgot the onion marmalade.  It had a few slices of red onion on it, does that count as marmalade now?  Since it was missing the marmalade, it was on the dry side.  Not worth what we paid for it.

The next morning I went to the "JB Cafe" in the casino.  I am to suspect that it is supposed to be like a Starbucks with pastries and coffee drinks.  My pastry and mocha totaled $11!  WTF!  Starbucks is only $6.  They made the mocha backwards... they started by pulling the espresso. (I managed a high end coffee shop) that is the LAST thing you do when making a coffee drink.  My pastry was handed to me right out of the fridge instead of the case.  It was still wrapped in clear wrap.  It would have been nice if they put it on a plate.  I asked for it to be warmed in the microwave.  She microwaved it still wrapped in the clear wrap, then she handed it back to me, still without a plate, but at least I got a plastic fork this time. 

Final Verdict:

Don't waste your money eating at the casino unless you are eating at "Spread" the buffet.
See my review in the video below!