Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eating Great on Business Trips

Last Saturday and Sunday I traveled to San Antonio to visit some friends, we decided to eat at some of the places where "Man vs Food" showcased. Here is a link...

We ate at Chunky's were my friends Boyfriend attempted to eat the Four Horseman Burger, he failed! But it was hilarious. In the video they talk about the Island burger, that is what I had, it had pineapple on it. It was Great!

Sunday morning for Breakfast we had to go try the Cinnamon roll. Here is a pic of ours.

The cinnamon roll was AMAZING!

I got back into town late Sunday night and had to leave for a business trip monday morning to Odessa, Tx. We ate and drank at many different places. One of my rules is to eat at places that are not back home.

We ate at a hibachi grill, I had the Calamari Steaks, they were scrumptious, they gave us so much food that we could not eat it all. Here is a pic of the chef preparing our food.

We also ate at a hole in the wall mexican food place the last day that we were there, and it was by FAR the best place, we asked a few locals where to eat at. The place was called Mamasitas.

So, when you are traveling, ask locals where to eat, use the internet to see reviews and most of all, Have Fun!