Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Food Critic in Me

I use a scale of 1-10 with 10 being "I would walk across a desert just to smell it again" and a 1 being "get it away from me!'

I recently took a trip to vegas with some guest and we ate at some great and not-so great places.

The first day

We arrived at our hotel (Luxor) and ate at Nathan's Fast Food Restaurant. Me and one of my guest had The Philly Cheese Steak with Fries and my other guest had Chicken Strips and Fries.

I would rate the Philly Cheese Steak and Fries as a 6 and the Chicken Strips were really dry so I would rate them as a 4. Both were about $10 each.

Later we had dinner at the Pyramid Cafe inside the Luxor. I ordered the Chicken Parmesian, one guest ordered and Hamburger and Fries, and one ordered the daily special, a Chicken Fried Steak.

My Chicken Parmesian was great, even though the said that the sauce was made of Roasted Red Peppers, I could not taste the peppers, just tomatoes. I would rate it a 7.

The Hamburger had a stale bun but the meat was wonderful. I would also rate it at a 7.

The Chicken Fried Steak was the weak point for us. I was breaded with bread crumbs instead of flour, but the mashed potatoes that it came with were outstanding. We would rate it a 6.

2nd Day

We decided to go downtown to see what was going on. We decided to try the Breakfast Buffet at The Golden Nugget. It was wonderful, my favorite was the French Toast. It seemed to be made of potatoe bread and topped with macerated strawberries. I rate the french toast as a 8.

For Dinner we decided to go to the Seafood Buffet at The Rio. OMG, this was by far my favorite spot for food of the whole trip. I had great lobster, fresh oysters, sushi (my personal fave), and all of the other seafood you can think of. It was a little pricey at $40 per person. IMHO it is still well worth it! I rate the entire buffet as a 8.

3rd Day

We were leaving this day so we decided to eat the MORE Buffet at the Luxor. It was wonderful! One thing we all got on our plate was Beef Strogenoff. It was tender and savory, I would rate it as a 7.
The best part of the whole buffet was the dessert bar. I went crazy. All the desserts were in tiny little 'shooter' bowls. I grabbed a strawberry whipped tart, taramisou, chocolate mousse, and caramel flan. All were wonderful! I would rate the dessert bar a 9 EASY!.

OMG = Oh My Gosh
IMHO = In My Honest Opinion

At the airport on the way home I stopped at Starbucks and had a Java Chip Frap with Whipped Cream, It hit the spot and was wonderful. I rate it a 6.