Monday, August 26, 2013

New Amazing Dessert

I got a hankering for a fast food hamburger the other day and swung through the Carl Jr's drive thru.  I ordered a BBQ burger and the cashier lady asked if I wanted to try their new dessert item... I said, Sure, Why Not?  It was the new pop tart IceCream sandwich.

It was awesome!  Great smooth vanilla IceCream in between a strawberry pop art that was cut in half.  It hit the spot.... Not overly sweet, but a fantastic ending to a great burger.

Suggestion... For the holidays: how about pumpkin IceCream in between the brown sugar and cinnamon pop tart, and for Christmas, how about chocolate mint IceCream on the fudge pop tarts?  I am addicted to all things pumpkin, so I would have to visit just for the pumpkin pop tart at least twice per week.

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